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    Self Initiated Project
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    Web & Mobile

A facelift to the Dubai tourism page.

As a self-initiated project, I took to redesigning the Dubai tourism page. The aim was to create a sleek page with less clutter and more interactivity with the user. The point was to showcase the ultramodern architecture and feel of the city. The homepage features a panoramic aerial view and fun facts can be unveiled when the user hovers over the red dots on the page.

An Engaging Homepage

The navigation was designed with Dubai’s unique architecture in mind. Using an angled, sliding navigation bar, the goal was to complement the modern and sleek makeup of Dubai’s buildings.


A Mobile Experience

As our world has become more tech-savvy, users are mostly accessing the web through their mobile devices. Less laptop and desktop use and more screen time on phones. Hence, it was a priority to make this site accessible and design for the mobile user.


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