• Client

    Department of Transportation Services
  • Role

    Branding, Print
  • Year

  • Platforms

    Print, Supergraphic

A Hiring and Events Bus.

Department of Transportation services (DOTS) decided to revamp and remodel an old shuttle bus to promote student engagement. Working with a team, we came up with the following solution: to use University of Maryland school colors and mascot imagery (Maryland flag and terrapin shell) which would be cohesive with school branding, and using stream lines and curves, to create an effect of movement and momentum.




Challenges and More

As the company approached 50 employees, Stephanie and the Button team made the decision to start looking for a tool. They needed a solution that could grow with the company and make the entire performance review process easier for everyone, not only for the People Operations department.

The problem with manual solutions is that they become harder to manage as you add more people, and thus more stress, to the system. “When you get to 30 or 40 people, that manual process started to grow from two hours, to three hours, four hours, five hours,” says Stephanie, adding, “It quickly became unscalable.”

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